I chose the moniker of FearlessLeader, because lately I've been afraid of everything, which means I am effectively not afraid of anything.  I am extremely proud of the Reginald Kingsley Comedy Cellar and the events we've put on since last fall!  Everyone who has performed has impressed me with their talent, and made me laugh from my core.  Please join me and the rest of the Kingsley community by attending one of our events and getting to know us!  We all have day jobs, but some of us are working on making comedy more than a simple hobby.  So check us out, be a part of us, or collaborate with us! 

In addition to being an accountant, single parent, and video game junkie, I also find the time to run the cellar and do some other fun things.  Please see some of the other projects I've been involved in below.  When you're done watching these for the 5th time, don't forget to put the RKCC events on your calendar and join us for some good laughs.


Your Host

Ed Richters