The best damn basement around.  Not at all creepy.


Ed Richters created the Reginald Kingsley Comedy Cellar out of more than just loneliness and spite for the universe. He created it to have a space to make funny without needing to begin in front of strangers.  It is a friendly community space where we support each other's attempts at enhanced public speaking.  While no stand up got where they are today by doing jokes for their friends in a basement past age 16, the goal here isn't fame and fortune.  The goal is to create art and enjoy each others company.

We've been going for almost a year now and we've had some really memorable nights.  A handful of people have tried stand-up for the first time at the RKCC, and the cellar has hosted some up and coming comics from around the Hartford, CT area.


So RSVP today and give it a try!  Or check it out and have a brew and some good laughs.

The kingsley project


The Reginald Kingsley Comedy Cellar is just the first part of a larger vision. 


The Reginald Kill Me web series is live and the Explain the 90s is being produced.

In addition to the open mic series, RK has begun doing combination stand-up/improv shows called the Reginald Kingsley Comedy Fireworks.

Check us out!

What is the Cellar?